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&Environmentally-friendly, sustainability, eco-friendly, green... the term used isn't as important as showing that you care, that you respect the environment. Minimal Harm, to me, includes ensuring that my ecological footprint remains as small as possible, through use of the practices involved in the 3 Rs, as well as going further by using eco-friendly practices, however small, in everyday life. 
"We're all water from the same river, thats why its so easy to meet."- yoko ono
I invite you all to join in and share your personal experiences, tips, and any information which might be related!


Eco-linking roundup
Energy Saving Tip: Keeping your fridge full
Eco-friendly tips
21 Ways to Make your Home Environmentally Friendly

Greening Your Life
Greening your travel
Greening your dorm room
Back to school supplies

Greening Your Home
Green home Makeover
Basics: Part 1 - General
Basics: Part 2 - Kitchen
A short snippet on Biodiversity
The Scoop on Fair Trade

My Eco-Favorites!
Fair Trade Coffee
Mabu Cleaning Cloths
Sustainable Materials
The Skinny on Organic Cotton

The Green Clean
Green Cleaning Recipes

Buying a low-emissions car
Everything you Need to know about hybrid cars
The Best Green Cars Around
Smart Cars

Organic Food
Organic Produce Priorities

Multimedia - Videos and Visuals
Visualizing Climate Change
What happens to paper/newspaper when it is recycled?
Benefits of Sustainable Furniture video
Turning Green Podcast
The world without humans
Raising Green Kids
David Suzuki Videos

Green Company Highlights
Fair Trade Sports
Remarkable UK Stationary
Eco-papers (tree-free journals and more)
Your Conscious t-shirts
Maki Squarepatch - handmade goods made from reclaimed materials
Green Toys!
Stewart Brown
Branch Home
Knu furniture
Simple Shoes

Minimal Harm Music/Movies
Yoko Ono - I love you earth
Great Lake Swimmers - Your Rocky Spine
Sarah Harmer - Escarpment Blues
Arctic Tale

Green Kids
Play Green With Green toys

Green Books/Reviews
Grist: Wake up and smell the planet!

Green Architecture
Aga Khan Award For Architecture 2007
LEED Platinum certified EPA building in SF
LEED - what does it mean?

Eco-friendly Gadgets
Wind-up music/video player
Green Building
Rammed -Earth
Green Roofs

Good News!
Black footed ferrit no longer endangered

"The Cause"
The Nature Challenge
Geek Squad - Ideafest

Green Initiatives
Wave Energy
Ontario's last coal plant-2014
Zero Emissions buses 2010 olympics
Wind-powered potato chips
biodegradable cell-phones
biodegradable cell-phones

Green Heroes
David Suzuki

Attn: Nature Lovers! Enjoy what you're trying to preserve!
10 Things you didn't know about plastic bags

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